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Your assistant on the internet to explain key concepts and understand what you're reading.

ExplainThis Demo — TextBox 2.0: A Text Generation Library with Pre-trained Language Models

Explain, Summarize, Talk.

Your real AI assistant no matter where you browse.

Lives on Chrome

With the ExplainThis chrome extension, you can have an assistant right in your browser.

Chat with your AI Brain

Your own personal tutor or mentor by your side, always ready to help you learn and grow.

Highlight and Explain

An intelligent assistant that can explain concepts to you in plain language. Just highlight what you need to further understand, and the assistant will break it down for you.

Highlight and Explain

Effortlessly Digest Long Pages

The AI assistant provides a summary of the entire page with a single click. This is useful when you don't have much time or want a concise summary of the content. With ExplainThis AI, you won't need to scan through lengthy articles or worry about missing important information – we've got you covered.

Page Summarization

We're rolling out in 2023 ✈️

As a member of the waiting list, you'll be among the first to receive updates on our launch and have the opportunity to try ExplainThis AI before anyone else.