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Lives on Chrome

With the ExplainThis chrome extension, you can have an assistant right in your browser.

Chat with your AI Brain

Your own personal tutor or mentor by your side, always ready to help you learn and grow.

Use Cases

Various use cases for Explainthis

Research & Academic Work

Provides quick insights, summarizes content, and organizes references efficiently.

Professional Work

Saves time by providing explanations and context without leaving the webpage.

Project Management

Enhances productivity by consolidating relevant information in one place and providing timely reminders and updates.

Daily Browsing

Makes daily browsing more informative and efficient by filtering out unnecessary information.

Learning & Development

Facilitates learning by offering personalized suggestions and explanations based on individual learning patterns.

E-commerce Shopping

Aids in making informed purchasing decisions by providing comprehensive product insights.

Travel Planning

Simplifies travel planning by aggregating and categorizing relevant travel information.

Job Hunting

Supports career advancement by providing insights into potential employers and interview preparation resources.

Social Media Management

Streamlines content creation and management by offering personalized recommendations and scheduling assistance.


Highlight and Explain

An intelligent assistant that can explain concepts to you in plain language. Just highlight what you need to further understand, and the assistant will break it down for you.

Highlight and Explain

Effortlessly Digest Long Pages

The AI assistant provides a summary of the entire page with a single click. This is useful when you don't have much time or want a concise summary of the content. With ExplainThis AI, you won't need to scan through lengthy articles or worry about missing important information – we've got you covered.

Page Summarization

We're rolling out in 2023 ✈️

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